I am a native of Upstate New York, before photography became my medium of choice it was drawing and painting. It has always been incredible to me how one still image can house the power to speak louder than the written word. In 2004 I moved to Colorado to earn my Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography from the Art Institute of Colorado.

History has always been an area of interest for me, history is in a sense is the story of our human condition so it is no surprise that storytelling is the foundation of my work. These stories have been about places and the people that give those places, its identity, and soul. I try to internalize each project on some level to gain a better understanding of the world, as your best work is made when your voice, and compassion go into its execution.

The work that inspires me is that of Steve McCurry, Colin Finlay, Galin Rowell, James Nachtwey, Ansel Adams, Robert Frank, and Ellen Von Unwerth for many different reasons including their deliberate attention to detail, their choice to use black and white virus color, the testimony given to each their subjects aides me in my own creative process. As a curious mind I am grateful that with each project I grow my understanding of humanity and its coat of many colors.

As of late my lens’s gaze has fallen on the city of New Orleans. It’s been almost a year since I began this project, I visited for the first time last October and the city had me at hello. This body of work will remain ongoing as this city is evolving in a remarkable way. Myself, still having a lot to learn have found that it’s going through a rebirth and evolution that while reaffirming is cultural identity and tradition is also growing in a more progressive direction since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, 12 years ago. The project thus far is a mix of photographs and mix media pieces.

Published Works

  • The Denver Daily News 2007-2008
  • The DAC (Denver Athletic Club Magazine) March 2008
  • The Denver Athletic Club Poster July 2008
  • 5280 Magazine June 2008
  • Vermont Magazine
  • Saratoga Living Magazine
  • Saratogian 2010
  • FoxSports.com
  • Los Angeles Artist Association